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Revell 1:48 A10 Warthog

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Revell 1:48 A10 Warthog
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Product Details

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Label/Manufacturer:MMD Holdings, LLC

Product Description

Designed especially for close air support, the Warthog entered service in 1975. Literally built around the 30mm GAU-8 Gattling gun, the A-10 can also carry immense weapons loads under its wings and fuselage, including AGM 65 Maverick missiles. A highly survivable aircraft, the A-10 has redundant hydraulic systems backed up by manual systems; it can survive direct hits by armor piercing rounds. It flew 8,100 sorties during Desert Storm and has seen action in Afghanistan and was a key battlefield weapons system during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Features: Detailed interior with seated pilot and boarding ladder, ECM pod, cluster bombs, napalm tanks, Maverick missiles and centerline drop tank, decals included for LET'S ROLL.

Product Features

* Highly detailed cockpit with boarding ladder and clear canopy
* Pilot figure with realistic uniform details
* Waterslide decals and paint instructions for recreating two planes
* 167 plastic parts
* Illustrated assembly instructions

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